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Coyote Hunting Tips

As I mentioned my hunting partner and I entered a coyote hunting contest this weekend. It was a peculiar day in a way since we went to an area that there is a large population of coyotes to be hunted. However they were not interested in what we had to offer. We thought we could pull at least 3 dogs out of this area. The weather was good and as we got out of the truck we could hear the coyotes just howling away at the daybreak.

I was looking forward to getting the cobwebs out and see how I would handle the first competition. But as it happens sometime not one coyote came into the call in this area. So we drove down the road to the next area and the ranch hand said the coyotes had be few and far between on this part of the ranch this year. He told us to go try this area about 10 miles away so we said out good buys and headed down the road. We had not gone 200 yards and here are 2 coyotes strolling across the field towards the cows. If we had not stopped to talk with the rancher they would have been right on the side of the road with time to get the draw on them. But now they saw us and headed for the sage brush. So we decided to let them go.

As we worked out way down this large valley we found some fields with some willows which is a great hide out for coyotes. We called in 4 separate dogs and found that our shooting skills were a little rusty. My partner hit one that ran off on one call. Then on the next stand a coyote came running from about a thousand yards out across this field. It came up to with in 100 yards and stopped. He shot and it ran off into the obis while we threw bullets at it. Talk about out of practice.

Then comes the next coyote calling extavaganza and a coyote comes in to my left in heavy cover. I pull up with my 12 gauge all ready to bag him and the sling of my shotgun is all bunched up on my barrel and I can’t see the bead at the end of the barrel to make a clean shot. There goes that easy shot!

The rest of the day kind of went the same. I did knock down a large coyote the next call when my buddy dropped me off for a one man stand. I had this old dog come in at about 10 minutes looping across a large yellow grass covered field. He was trying to wind me but I let him come up to around 125 yards when I stopped him with a squeaker. There he was facing me when I dropped the hammer and there was no sound of impact. I had pulled instead of squeezed the trigger and her toke off like crazy. He was headed out of dodge when he bolted to the right and I let him have it at about 250 yards on the dead run. So that dog was our first one of the hunt.

Then at the day moved on we made us our specialized good luck hunting bagel with cream cheese, Velveeta and ham. That in itself was great until I let my partner talk me into eating while making the next call. Yes you guessed it. It wasn’t 30 seconds into the call when this big old coyote came a busting over this ridge right behind my partner headed to eat me for lunch. He spun around for a one knee shot while dropping his bagel in the dirt. Bang goes the 223 and off runs the coyote over hill and dale. I got one shot off as it went up the second ridge just barely missing the mark. He was gone and so was a peaceful lunch. Should have eaten in the truck as we usually do. We just we set on making all the rooky mistakes. You would have thought that we were out for the first time.

The next call the coyote came busting around the corner in less than 10 seconds from when I blew the call. It must have been sleeping behind this rock out cropping just 80 yards away. I squeaked to get it to stop 39 yards below me and touched one off. It ran about 30 yards and on the way my partner dropped another round in it for good measure. So now we have 2 coyotes tagged for the contest. I failed to mention one other road dog we missed but some where along the way we figured we should have had 8 coyotes in the back of the truck.

Then as the day drew to a close we hauled butt to check in. We were a couple hours drive to get back to the fairgrounds where check in was. We were running short on time but we only had a few miles to go with about 20 minutes to spare. Then the truck started to vibrate like a tire out off balance and we heard a large boom and the truck went all squirrelly. We had a blow out on the left rear of the truck with 5 miles to go and very little time.

We ripped the back of the truck apart in the dark to find all the tools to get back on the road. Yes we we got it changed and to check in on time but to find that we were in 4th place just out of the money with 2 coyotes. Second and third were tied with 3 coyotes and 1st place team had a total of 5 coyote. What a bite that was to the ego when we should have had 8. Even if we would have missed 2 we still would have taken 1st place so this goes to show that even some of very experienced coyote callers can have a bad day. But my partner did win a nice new hand held coyote call on the raffle prizes.

I hope you can pick out a couple of coyote hunting tips in this story. I like people to read between the lines to get the tips. I hope you don’t mind.

Good luck coyote hunting.

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Coyote Hunting – Winter Camo

Here is a coyote hunting tip that can save you money as well as add a great space saving article to you coyote hunting camo wardrobe. When winter comes and the snow begins to fall there a lot of hunters that will spend hundreds of dollars buying their white camos. I found that a trip down to your local hardware or paint store gives you a leg up in the camo game.

I went into the paint store and bought a Tyvex white overall with a hood for around $10 dollars. It is compact so I can keep an extra one behind the seat of my truck. They work well to keep you clean in case you have to crawl under your truck to fix a flat and they are excellent for a quick stop on a snow covered outing to call in a coyote.

I have found that it is better to purchase the largest size so you can get it over your other clothing. The Tyvex is air tight and will make you sweat if you are moving around to much. I purchase another one yesterday that says it is a breathable fabric. I will take it out this next week and test it out and then I will post which of the two I like the best.

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Wily Coyote Survived

A recent news cast Tuesday Oct. 2oth on channel 2 news out of SLC, Utah reported the following story about a very Wily Coyote crossing the road at the wrong time.

-One Wily Coyote had a close call with death after being hit by a fast moving car and getting stuck in the front end of the car for hours.

The coyote was hit by a car near the Utah – Nevada border and became trapped in the front end of the car.

It survived several hours as the driver continued their cross country trek, not knowing the animal was stuck in the car’s grill.

Six hundred miles later the driver stopped near Sacramento, California.

This was a quick out of town transfer. This old coyote may have a hard time settling into a new coyote pack that far away. It is to bad they we unable to tag it to see where it ends up at. It will be a long 600 mile trip back to familiar ground.

After that order this coyote deserves a long healthy life.

“Immediately I saw a ton of fur and said ‘Sis, don’t look, this is bad,  don’t look,” said Daniel East.

The coyote was freed from the vehicle and taken to a shelter where it managed to escape and has not been seen since.

This old coyote is going to have a hard time joining a new coyote pack so it looks like a long 600 mile trip to get back to familiar ground. After this ordeal it deserves some easy meals and a long vacation.

To bad they did not tag the coyote so that some day in the future we could find out where he ended up.

It is interesting to see all the stories you hear in the coyote hunting world.

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Seasons Change

With this years economic changes effecting many people across our great nation the opportunity to locate greater numbers of coyote is going to be increased. Less hunters in the field means more chances to see the coyote. Here in the west the nighttime temperatures are dropping down to freezing so the coyotes fur is going to be getting thicker as well as their hunting activities will increase due to the need for more food resources to stay warm. Coyote calling in the early fall has its twists however due to the fact that other types of hunts are going on at the same time. You need to be careful not to interfere with deer hunters or upland game hunters.

In the fall the young coyotes will be eager to come into a distressed rabbit call. They have not been educated by other coyote hunters yet and some of the older dogs will forgotten for a short time what happened last year when they come running to the dinner call. So take advantage of the fall coyote hunting. I am looking forward to some great times this season. I will pass along any new coyote hunting tips that I encounter.

In the last week as I have been out around town I have had 10 or 12 friends come up to me and offer to take me out to their private ranches to reduce the numbers of coyotes that are preying on the deer and birds. I was stopped by one friend who even referred me to some guys that want to take me out in their helicopter to find some remote hunting areas. That sounds good to me. The time spent out coyote calling at the best time of the year leaves some lasting memories of great scenery and good times had with friends and family.

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