Here is a coyote hunting tip that can save you money as well as add a great space saving article to you coyote hunting camo wardrobe. When winter comes and the snow begins to fall there a lot of hunters that will spend hundreds of dollars buying their white camos. I found that a trip down to your local hardware or paint store gives you a leg up in the camo game.

I went into the paint store and bought a Tyvex white overall with a hood for around $10 dollars. It is compact so I can keep an extra one behind the seat of my truck. They work well to keep you clean in case you have to crawl under your truck to fix a flat and they are excellent for a quick stop on a snow covered outing to call in a coyote.

I have found that it is better to purchase the largest size so you can get it over your other clothing. The Tyvex is air tight and will make you sweat if you are moving around to much. I purchase another one yesterday that says it is a breathable fabric. I will take it out this next week and test it out and then I will post which of the two I like the best.