100_7544   After many years of coyote hunting experience I am finally releasing some of the most important secrets to my success in hunting the most elusive predator in the north american continent.

Who am I? I have been involved with many coyote calling and hunting competitions, all of which have provided me with an advantage over your average weekend warrior. I’ve competed against exceptional teams. As a result I’ve learned that if my game wasn’t up-to-par I might find myself wondering why I’d wasted so much time and energy just to lose miserably. But to be honest and straight-forward: I don’t lose.

I’ve made serious changes over the years and have spent countless hours and miles to figure out the best strategies. The results? My partner and I are winners of the World Championship Coyote Calling Contest. I will soon release my coyote calling ebook so that you can see what it takes to have fun and at the same time enhance your chances to come off victor in these truly exciting contests, or even for the pleasure of enjoying the great outdoors on a casual hunt with friends or family.

Best Regards,

BB Kole